Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck: Causes and Solutions

It’s a routine morning. You’re ready to start your day, and as you hit the garage door opener, you realize it’s stuck. An annoyance, yes, but not an uncommon issue for homeowners. Let’s dive into why garage roller doors get stuck and how to address them.

Common Reasons for Garage Roller Door Issues

Issues Possible Causes Solutions
Door doesn’t open or close fully Obstruction in tracks Check and remove any obstacles
Broken springs or cables Professional repair required
Door is off its tracks Misaligned tracks Adjust the tracks or seek professional adjustment
Damaged rollers Replace the rollers
Noisy operation Loose hardware Tighten nuts and bolts
Needs lubrication Lubricate all moving parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my garage door get stuck in cold weather?

Cold weather can cause the lubricant to thicken, which might result in the door getting stuck. Regular maintenance, including replacing the lubricant with a winter-grade one, can help.

Can I repair the garage door on my own?

While some minor issues can be DIY, it’s always safer and more efficient to consult with a professional for significant problems, especially those involving springs or cables.

How often should I maintain my garage roller door?

Regular maintenance should be done at least once a year. However, you can follow our maintenance checklist for periodic checks to ensure smooth operation.

My door makes a squeaking sound when operating. What could be the issue?

This usually indicates a lack of lubrication or some parts being misaligned. You can lubricate the necessary parts, or if the issue persists, consider reaching out for professional tune-up services.


In essence, while a stuck garage roller door can be a minor inconvenience, knowing its causes and solutions can be a lifesaver. With regular maintenance, vigilance, and timely professional assistance, you can ensure its long-lasting functionality. And remember, whether it’s for a quick fix or an in-depth repair, contact us at ASAP Garage Doors to ensure your door operates smoothly. We’re here to make your garage door problems a thing of the past.

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