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Taking care of your garage door is needed if you want it to stay in service for a long time.

Moreover, there are certain situations where they need utmost attention.

Going to a garage door handyman near you in Seattle is necessary, especially if you are faced with such situations.

These situations require repairs, and so getting the necessary tools is a must.

You can also reach out to a garage door repair in Seattle, but if you have the right tools and expertise, repairing the door is no sweat.

Dented Garage Door with Dings

If you have a steel garage door, then you know that they can collect dents and dings as time goes by.

This, in return, damages the appearance of the door.

These dents can easily appear even on thick steel.

If you have a garage door that is not insulated, you can push the dings out from the inside of the door.

If it won’t work, then you can simply replace the sections that are dented, or rather, replace the door in its entirety.

The garage door handyman near you in Seattle has replacements available for various models, which include some panel sections that have windows.

Heavy Garage Door that is Difficult to Open and Close

Garage doors usually have moving parts that can eventually wear out due to the frequent opening and closing of the door.

If you feel that the garage door is getting heavy and is getting difficult to open, then it might be caused by a broken spring or one that has improper tension.

Garage doors usually are equipped with two types of springs, namely the torsion springs and the extension springs.

If any of these springs encounter issues, it might make it difficult for you to open the door, thus placing more stress on the automatic opener.

You can have this fixed by reaching out to a garage door repair in Seattle.

Uneven Opening of the Door

A garage door that opens and closes unevenly is the result of an issue that is likely located on one side of the overhead door.

It could be due to a spring that has been worn out or a problem with your track and rollers.

Whenever such a problem occurs, it provides additional damage to the door as well as the opener, so you need to call an emergency repair service for such.

Is it Time to Replace your Garage Door?

A quick trip to a garage door handyman near you in Seattle can help you find a new door.

However, you have to assess whether you really need a new one.

Hence, to guide you, here are some of the signs that may tell you to replace the garage door:

Peeling or Cracked Paint

If you have a wooden garage door, then the finish must be given a fresh coating from time to time so as to protect it from external elements.

The finish that is painted can be stained or broken down as time passes, which can then make the wood rot.

It can also fade due to exposure to the sun.

Given that, if you notice that the wood has cracked, and there are holes on the door, then it may be time to have it replaced.

Bent and Sagging Door Sections

Garage doors that are made of wood can sag after a period of time, especially if they are not maintained properly.

Once the door is closed, you can see gaps under the door.

A sagging wooden door is worthy of a replacement.

Door sections, likewise, can get damaged due to the automatic opener, especially if they have not been reinforced properly.

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