Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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With the right maintenance, appliances and other mechanisms can last for a long period of time.

Proper attention and care are needed to ensure the smooth operation of these mechanisms, especially when it comes to garage doors.

Given that, here are some of the things included in our garage door maintenance checklist for your perusal:

Washing and Painting

The curb appeal of the property is essential, especially for homeowners who want to be proud of where they live.

Therefore, it is essential that you clean off any debris or stains from the garage door.

Apart from that, you should also wipe the grime that might have hidden into the components inside the door.

This practice can ensure the smooth operation of the door as well as its longevity.

Once you spot dents or scratches, you can get rid of them by painting the surface.

In addition, cleaning the tracks can free them from debris and rust.

Homeowners must practice this so as not to make the door get stuck on the tracks.

If the tracks are bent or rusted with grime, you can call a garage door repair in Seattle to have them repaired or replaced.

Your garage door maintenance checklist should also take into consideration the washing of the windows.

Here, the window panes on the garage door are able to let the natural light get into the property, so they should be taken care of.

You should clean them with a cloth or an all-purpose cleaner.

The garage door maintenance checklist should also include washing the door itself.

Simply wipe any dirt and debris off the panels as well as the weatherstripping.

Checking and Fixing

Opening and closing are perhaps the only functions of a garage door.

The life of the springs, which is in charge of such function, is determined by the number of cycles.

Yet, the strain can cause the system to be exposed to wear and tear.

As a consequence, it is important to test the door every once in a while, especially before a new season starts.

As such, you will be saved from any surprises or unexpected malfunctions as you attempt to use it.

Given this, you will have to visually inspect the door.

A visual inspection is indeed at least once every six months.

Simply look out for blisters, cracks, fades, or peels, as these could decrease its appeal.

Moreover, find any dents or gaps that may cause moisture to envelop the garage door, thus growing mold.


Likewise, test the opening and the closing of the door.

The door should be able to operate without any issues whenever the remote or keypad is used.

Once it runs, you can listen for any loud noises that may indicate an issue with one of its components.

If the entry opens very slowly, or it does not respond at all, you should consider reaching out to a garage door repair in Seattle.

Make it a habit to test the balance of the door as well.

It is because if it is somehow off in its balance, it places pressure on the automatic opener.

Check the balance by means of pulling the release cord on the opener and then opening the door manually until it opens halfway.

If the door does not stay up, a garage door repair in Seattle may be warranted.

It is also essential that you check the weatherstripping every once in a while.

These are seals around the door openings that prevent any unwanted drafts from making their way into your home.

Therefore, giving you a comfortable temperature.

They also have the ability to keep the moisture from going into the components of the door, which causes rust.

Inspect the top as well as the sides of the door for any tears or rips. If there are any, you should consider contacting a professional garage door repair in Seattle to replace it for you.

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