How To Turn Off Garage Door Opener

We encounter a lot of problems in a lifetime.

Inconveniences, in addition, can also arise at any time.

Yet, it does not mean that there are no solutions for them.

In fact, a lot of problems, especially when it comes to your garage door, can be solved with the right repairs.

In terms of your garage door, even the automatic garage door opener can also malfunction.

There are various reasons for this, the most common ones being a power outage or an electric short circuit.

A good garage door repair in Seattle can solve the problem, especially if issues arise out of such situations.

If the power suddenly goes out in the neighborhood or if the garage door suddenly decides to malfunction, you can bet that what comes next is inconvenience and frustration, especially if you have a busy life.

What’s more, it can trap your vehicle inside the garage without any idea how to get it out.

But fret not, you do not need to destroy the garage door in a panic.

You can easily switch to manual operation by turning the garage door opener off and opening the door yourself.

To guide you, here is how to turn off the garage door opener:

Step 1: Close the door.

Start by closing the door first before disconnecting the garage door opener.

You can also disconnect the opener even when the door is open, but it is far safer to close it, especially if the door can slam down at any time.

Step 2: Pull the release cord.

Garage doors are always equipped with a certain release cord for emergencies.

This cord disconnects the door from the automatic opener immediately.

It comes in the form of a red rope.

Simply give the rope a firm yank and you are good to go.

Such a handle is designed to provide sufficient pushback so that it will not be pulled by accident and without enough intention.

Step 3: Manually open and close the door.

Once you have disconnected the opener by pulling the cord, you can now be able to open and close the door using your bare hands.

You can easily do this as garage doors are typically under heavy tension courtesy of the spring, which then allows them to become light whenever you operate them manually.

However, if the door feels heavy or cannot stay fully in either a closed or open position, then it is a sign of an issue.

Reach out to a garage door repair in Seattle right away.

Step 4: Turn the garage door opener on again.

Once the power has come back on, simply reconnect the door once again.

It is simple and quite easy even for homeowners.

Simply tug at the emergency release cord once again and then press the remote control.

This will carry the trolley of the opener back to its original position where it can connect to the door.

There are also some cases where you may need to lift the door manually in order to reconnect the trolley.


You should always be careful whenever you manually open the garage door doors that are connected to openers of various brands.

You should consult the manuals regarding this, or you can reach out to a professional.

If you are not fit enough for the job, it is recommended that you let a garage door repair in Seattle handle it.

It is best to have the professionals handle this kind of task, especially if you are not confident.

This will prevent further damage and can even ensure your safety.

For that, you can always contact ASAP Garage Doors Seattle.

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