Garage Door Spring Installation

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door springs are under a lot of tension.

This is because they are in charge of lifting the weight of the door whenever it opens and then lowering it down.

Thus, they carry a huge burden in their cycles.

A garage door spring installation, therefore, is best left to a garage door installation in Seattle.

Yet, homeowners with the right expertise can take on the task and this article seeks to provide information on how to install garage door springs.

  1. Close the door.

Give the spring easy access by ensuring that the door is closed first.

To get ready, it should be ensured that the tools for the job are all at hand.

Check that the garage door opener has also been disconnected for safety reasons.

Moreover, to ensure safety, keep the door open by means of attaching a c-clamp on the garage door track that is located at the top of the roller.

This roller can be found at the end of both sides of the overhead door.

  1. Detach the old garage door springs.

By means of a wrench, loosen the two sets of screws that are found on the winding cone.

After that, you have to place the winding bar into the hole that is at the bottom of the cone.

Make sure that you have a strong grip on the winding bar as well.

Afterward, you should be able to ascertain the expansion of the spring while the screws loosen.

In order to have the springs removed, simply unwind them by means of the winding bars.

Once that has been done, position the winding bar into a new hole, which is positioned on the cone.

After the springs of the garage door have been unwinded without any more tension, simply utilize a wrench to detach the bolts.

These bolts connect the spring with the center bracket.

Then, dislodge the screws that are located on the drums of the cable by means of the wrench.

After they have been dislodged, remove the nuts and then the bolts and then detach the lift cables as well as the drums from the torsion shaft.

  1. Install the new garage door springs.

Examine the door for any parts that have been worn out first before you begin the proper installation.

For instance, check the fluid movement of the bearings.

If these bearings are not moving smoothly, make use of a silicone spray for a lubricant on the garage door.

If the lubricant does not work, simply purchase new bearing plates in addition to the new springs.

When installation the springs, begin by installing the left spring.

After that, place it on the shaft, similar to how the old springs were detached earlier.

The cable drum should be replaced on the garage door’s other side when the door is in need of two springs.

Once you have installed the cable drums, proceed on focusing the torsion shaft in the plates.

Then, secure the stationary cones to the plate by making use of the nuts as well as bolts, which you have removed earlier.

Place, a vice-grip on the torsion shaft to make sure that it stays in place.

Wind the cable then around the drum and then secure it with the set screws.

Simply leave the vice grip fastened there and then repeat the same step for the cable drum that is located on the right.

Both sides of the door will require tension that is equal to make sure that the cable drums have been fastened while having the same tension.

Place tension on the springs by means of the winding bars.

In addition, ensure that you have the right amount of tension and have the set screws properly fastened on the cones once more.

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